How It Works

SecureTheFile is the leading digital tool to help you securely organise, store and share your most important life information and documents. Our intuitive digital vault allows you to collaborate with family and advisers in creating your life, legacy and estate plan.

How It Works Hero

Sign up

To sign up and use SecureTheFile, speak to your financial advisor, solicitor or accountant. If you are a professional adviser looking to use SecureTheFile for your clients, get in touch.

Simple file storage

You can store your documents across six main categories:

  • Personal
  • Financial Advice
  • Personal Finances
  • Solicitor
  • Accountant
  • Property and Vehicles

Adding new files is easy, and our simple, clear interface means you’ll always know where all your important documents are. Progress bars let you know at a glance how much information you’ve added to each folder.

Share and collaborate

You can invite nominees to view some or all of your files, so they have ready access to important documents if something should happen to you.

Your first nominee will be the professional adviser who signed you up. You can choose how much access they have to your files when you take control of your account. From there, you can add additional nominees.

Good choices for further nominees include a partner or spouse, accountant and solicitor.

You have complete control over what your nominees can view, and you can revoke their access at any time.