What is a Nominee?


A Nominee is someone in your inner circle of friends, family or trusted advisers whom you have enough trust in to provide full or partial access to your libraries and folders of information.


Your Financial Adviser will be your first Nominee and you will be able to choose what level of access they have to your libraries of information when you first take control of your account. After this, you will have the opportunity to add additional Nominees, such as other advisers like your Solicitor or family members, like your spouse. Once you have elected a Nominee for your account, we will contact them via email to invite them to SecureTheFile and view the libraries or documents you have chosen to share. From that point forward, unless otherwise instructed by yourself, they will be able to see the libraries or documents that you have explicitly invited them to have access to.


We recommend you invite the following individuals and trusted advisers to view whole or part of your libraries:


  • your solicitor
  • your lawyer
  • your accountant
  • a spouse or partner
  • your power of attorney


You will have full control on how much you share with each Nominee.